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This is the voting form for members of Sector One, who are voting on entries by Sector Four. You can find a list of sector assignments here.

Please fill out the following form in the comments to this post. Comments will be screened! Double-check before you hit send to make sure everything is correct; incorrect votes will be invalidated, and may be penalized:
  • Votes for teams that did not submit entries will be penalized 10 points.
  • Duplicate votes will be penalized 10 points per duplicate.

Again, only members of HSO teams in Sector One may vote here. This post will close to new comments Sunday, August 5 at 11:59 PM EST.
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Summary: Dave and Jake are both in love with their best friends, but out of desperation, chose to date each other. But their connection over the years of "dating" may be stronger than they realized.
Characters and Ships )
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One Night )
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Summary: There are two ways that this kismesis could go. Will your commitment to the future of Alternia outweigh your black desires?
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

The Choice You Make )
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Summary: In the weeks leading up to the meteor's arrival, Dave and Terezi attempt to figure out where each other fits into their plan of the new session.

Characters and Ships )
Tags )

[Future Sight] )
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Summary: So it turns out, polyamorous relationships between three girls and two different species are harder to manage than they sound!
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

In the Middle )
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Summary: Balance is necessary to the conduction of a proper moirallegiance and to the survival of a universe, except when it isn't.
Characters and Ships ) Tags ) THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE )
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It’s dark in the small entrance hall of the apartment. He squints at the paper in his hand, turns it back and forth- 119, 611- and shrugs.

He rings the doorbell.

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turn left )
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Summary: Sollux hates stuck-up pricks like Eridan. It takes the warmth of a spring weekend and the relaxing waves of the sea to make him realize that he may have misjudged him.
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

Beneath the Surface )
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Summary: There is a myth about a thread of fate that binds people fated to be together, but for Dualscar and Mindfang, the colors of that thread do not quite match up.
Characters and Ships )
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Wwalk the Line/8low Me One Last Kiss )
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 Characters: John Egbert, Vriska Serket.

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Unspoken )
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Summary: When you're alone, which is often, your mind always wanders to the same place. You've gone over that last conversation in your head so many times that you have created a plethora of alternate endings. They all bear a striking resemblance to scenes in your favorite romcoms. Jade says all the right lines, and you're significantly taller.
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

Waiting For You )
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Summary: When everyone has fallen, Dirk has a choice to make.
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

With My Eyes I Traced A Line )
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