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Summary: There are two ways that this kismesis could go. Will your commitment to the future of Alternia outweigh your black desires?

Characters: Grand Highblood, Summoner, mobs of trolls and troll ghosts
Ships: Grand Highblood <3< Summoner, Summoner <3 Anarchy, Grand Highblood <3 Status Quo

Category One:
Tags Present: NSFW, Body Horror, Gore
No other Cat.1 tags apply.

Category Two:
Tags Present: Character Death (potentially implied)
No other Cat.2 tags apply.

Additional Tags (Optional): Blood, Violence, Nudity, Bondage, Implied Hate Sex

A fine link to a New Grounds flash

[Image: The green moon shines through pillars holding up the gothic arches of a roof. The Summoner stands with his back to the viewer, wings spread, The Grand Highblood steps out of shadows ahead of him.]
You stand before the most loathesome being in the world. You want to destroy him with fire. He wants to break you.
==> It is a grand kismesissitude. The most perfect enemy.
==> The world is yours and you will make your kismesis fall.

~ ~ ~
Option One:

[Image: A fire rages down the street, casting rioters in shadow. In the foreground the Summoner struggles with the Grand Highblood, fighting to get off the ground. The Highblood has him pinned by the throat, his face in grim shadow. As the Summoner snarls back, their free hands have entwined.]
He can't anticipate your every move. He can't know where a riot will lead. You are never sure which way your intent lies, until you see him, and make your choice.
==> Take your chance.

[Image: Shirtless, the Grand Highblood is strapped to a chair, with the Summoner on his lap, tying a gag over his mouth. Both are bruised and bloody. The Summoner's shirt is torn, and there is a slash in his side. The bindings on the Highblood are the same color of the remains of the Summoner's shirt, though it looks as though the strip of cloth tying his left hand down is loose.]
You like the way he wants to argue, as though he can convince you. You both want to prove whose aim is higher, who knows the pulse of the world better. That is why you love the fury in his eyes when you gag him.
==> Understand his world.

[Image: In a jail cell, our boys are in the middle of a fight. The Summoner has the Grand Highblood off balance and on his back, in a similar pose as the riot image at the beginning of this path. Despite the fight both are grinning knowingly at each other.]
One of you is low and one of you is high. These are the facts that you both remember, and both ignore. Because victory tastes sweeter when both of you understand what equality means.
==> Teach him a thing or two.

[Image: The Summoner looks up from resting on his stomach, as the Highblood grins at him. Both are sporting some bruises and cuts, but the Summoner has indigo blood designs around one eye. His expression is rather exasperated, but fond, to the Highblood's playfully sinister grin.]
Sweeps have passed, and friends have fallen. You might have fallen, too, only he caught you, and you've caught him, because nothing will ever induce you to be in debt. One of you has to win, some day, but you're beginning to believe that decision will be taken out of both of your hands.

~ ~ ~
Option Two:

[Image: The Summoner flies confidently over a sea of furious lowbloods. His smirk taunt's the viewer, as he floats proudly against the red and magenta clouds that cover the sky.]
You want him to give way before you. The world should be yours by right. As the mob begins to howl, you want to see him suffer.
==> The conflict has begun.

[Image: The Highblood has the Summoner pinned to a pillar, as the Summoner tugs on his hair. They both seem to be entirely engrossed in each other. They claw up each other's sides as the sloppy make out continues.]
Sometimes he won't shut up. You want to drag him into the moonlight. You want to show him--show Alternia--exactly what he is, and how little his opinions matter. Usually you quell this urge by gripping his hair, and forcing him to submit his throat to your teeth.
==> It is not just the two of you.

[Image: The Summoner and Highblood stand facing each other in front of banners for their respective factions. The Summon stands proud, with arms crossed, tiredness in his eyes, and a sneer on his face. The Highblood looks down at him, frowning, his hands on his hips, body loose as if exhausted. The ghosts of trolls twine around them, howling.]
This can't go on. Others fall--they were your friends, and allies--and you let it happen. you taunt him about lost troops, he brings up the roll call of your. In the dark neither of you ask why the decent to die and you live.
==> Soon it will end.

[Image: Cushions and sheets are spread across the floor. A bucket stands off to the side, while a naked Highblood looks up. He watches as the Summoner absconds out the window for the last time. A mob of trolls and lusi is visible on the horizon.]
One more night. One of you will fall. You fight as though it is the last time. You know that it is. There will be no triumph. The games are done. You wonder when you win, if he will wish you well despite it all. Do not think about it. You have made your choice and cannot take any other path.

Date: 2012-07-26 06:39 pm (UTC)
slippy: ((Los Campesinos!) sounds about right)
From: [personal profile] slippy
This is cool! I never quite got how a relationship for these two would work in a practical sense, but this has me intrigued by the whole concept, with them sneaking around and embattled with each other in various ways. I like the art styles in both, with the lovely colours and backgrounds - it feels very Homestuck and brings life to the way they're at war.


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